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End of Season Break-Up Cancelled

Unfortunately based on current News Reports coming out from a series of different organisations, recent decisions of Tennis SA and other Sports Associations, our Bellevue Heights Tennis Club Committee has made the decision that it is in the best interests of all our Members, Families and friends that we should cancel the planned End of Year Celebrations for this Saturday 21st March.

The Club Committee apologises for this action however keeping the recommended 1.5-2.0m separation and the sharing of food and drinks in the way this Event would function is really against all the current stated Health recommendations.  What recent reports are also saying is that you may have grandchildren or children with no symptoms who could possibly be carriers of the virus.  Our Club Committee regrets not going ahead with the Event, however the potential risk of infection with this form of Event is too great.

The Slightly Better News
At this stage All Competition Tennis Matches are cancelled, however current recommendations are to continue playing Social/Casual Tennis and to continue Tennis Coaching, as long as carefully followed procedures are carried out.

You can download the two documents from Tennis SA that set out the processes and current recommendations by clicking on these links –

Coronavirus FAQ

Community Tennis Guidelines

Perhaps plan a regular social or casual hit with your friends, as the way to maintain your fitness in these difficult times.

Stay Healthy and Take Care!

Adrian Sykes
President, Bellevue Heights Tennis Club